Massage Therapy

I offer a wide variety of techniques, from relaxing to therapeutic and all points in between. Relax and enjoy your experience.


Therapeutic Signature Massage

Long and soothing strokes, to bring relaxation and stress relief. Also known as Swedish Massage.

30 minutes$35.00
55 minutes$80.00
80 minutes$120.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage therapy penetrates deeper than the skin and muscle to reach the facia and connective tissue. Great for athletes and those with chronic muscle tension

55 minutes$90.00
80 minutes$120.00

First Class Massage

Massage that includes, facial massage, essential oils, back & feet exfoliation and steamed towels.

80 minutes$135.00

Soul & Sole

Relax & unwind. Relaxing scalp, neck and shoulders massage quiets the mind as the body is eased. Also stimulate reflex points in the feet to relax entire body with feet scrub as final touch .

50 minutes$60.00

Migraine Therapy Massage

The treatment begins with inhalation of essential oil followed by pressure point work and stretching of neck and shoulders. An application of cold stones to the face and neck will decrease pain.

30 minutes$40.00

Hands & Foot Treatment


Hand Treatment

Pamper your hands with a quick exfoliating scrub and moisturizing massage.

15 minutes$12.00

Signature Foot Treatment

Transform tired feet with this luxurious foot treatment, customized to meet personal needs. The treatment includes a relaxing masssage following by exfoliation and a refreshing lotion.

30 minutes$30.00

Add On Services

Add any of these exceptional treats to any service for a little extra special pampering.


Back Exfoliation

A pamper that can be added to any service. Increase the smoothness of your skin removing dead cells and leaving your skin soft and hydrated.

10 minutes$10.00

Indulging Facial Massage

A must to any service. A relaxing and invigorating facial massage (not a facial). Includes scalp and hot towels. Feel more relaxing then ever.

15 minutes$20.00

Feet Exfoliation


15 minutes$20.00

Essential Oil

For more results to your massage, some essential oils drops can really help.

10 minutes$5.00


The best services selected to make your choice for a gift easier.


Pack of 3 massages

What a delight to receive massage as a gift.
Set of 3 of our best sellers massages. Description on Services tab.

Pack of 3 Deep Tissue Massage.$250.00
Pack of 3 Therapeutic Signature Massage.$220.00